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This the Club's first president and Founder. Mr. Noel Farrugia.






 Year 1985

As the founder of A.S.M.,  Mr. Noel Farrugia incited a sportive spirit to those Motor cyclist enthusiasts. By his work there was great success. Also by his abilities A.S.M. became regular participant in British and Italian Motocross Calendar.

A.S.M. was also admitted as a member in the International Federation through the Auto Cycle Union (A.C.U.), for the first time in Maltese history he also made arrangements with the Italian Federation of Motor Cyclists, where by means of this agreement, after having acquired approval of Mr. Neville Goss, who was Chairman of A.C.U. and of Dr. Francesco Zerbi, who as the president of the Italian Federation, and was approved by F.I.M., where Maltese Riders members of A.S.M.  could participate regularly in Italian and Sicilian Motocross Championships.

He also made arrangements for Italian and Sicilian riders who could participate in our racing circuits at Ta' Qali (A.S.M.). By means of this agreement A.S.M. was in a position to that if in the future it had the necessary funds, it could organize Motocross National Championships,  Trials, and Enduro races between British, Italians, Sicilians with Maltese Riders.

To increase funds A.S.M.  prepared a plan to build a Motor Cycle Center at Ta' Qali, with the aim of becoming a training and social center, for Offroad Motorcycle holidaying, where regular sessions be held for foreign members of F.I.M.

He was certified by A.C.U. for having guided A.S.M. as the best National Motocross Club. He was also invited for the Motorcycling Association of Great Britain (M.C.A.) to take part in the Motor Cycle show, which was held in Earls Court in London between 10th /16th October 1988, only if there were necessary funds.

Finally in the past years the founder Mr. Noel Farrugia always walked  in full democracy, nowadays the Association is still Intact despite difficulties.



 This was the club's second president Mr. Leli Caruana



This is the club's third president Mr. Tonio Farrugia.


This the club's present president Mr. Frans Deguara





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