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Motocross History


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This is a List of the first Motocross members and Riders. Date: 1985/87


Name:                                       Make:                                                    Locality:


Aquilina Patrick                      RM 125cc Class B                                Rabat

Azzopardi Rennie                    KTM 125cc Class B                             Rabat

Bonavia David                        Rm 125cc Class B                                  Rabat

Bonavia Raymond                   RM 125cc Class A                                  Rabat

Bonavia Mario                         YZ 125cc ClassB                                     Mdina

Busietta Hadrian                      RM 125cc Class B                                  Sliema

Camilleri Charlie                        KTM 125cc Class A                              Rabat

Caruana Brian                           CR 125cc Class B                                   Mtarfa

Ciantar Charlie                          YZ 250cc Class B                                  Rabat

Cremona Joseph                        Bultaco 250cc Class B                          Valletta

Debono Michael                       RM 125cc Class B                                  Zurrieq

Debono Robert                          RM 125cc Class B                                San Gwann

Dimech Alfred                          YZ 125cc Class A                                  Tarxien

Dimech Manuele                      YZ  125cc Class B                                  Tarxien

Dimeck Roy                              CR 125cc Class B                                    B'Kara

Farrugia Joe                              KTM 125cc Classa                                Buskett

Galea Joe                                  CrR125cc Class B                                    Attard

Grange Kevin                          KTM 125cc Class A                                Paola

Grima Joe                                RM 125cc Class B                                    Gozo

Holmes Charles                        CR 125cc ClassA                                      Rabat

Mizzi Richard                        KTM 125cc ClassA                                  Rabat

Sammut Joe                            RM 250 Class A                                        B'Kara

Tanti Ian                                RM 125cc Class B                                      Rabat

Tanti Vince                            KTM 125cc Class B                                    Rabat

Vella Emanuel                      KTM 125cc Class B                                    Mosta

Xuereb Frans                        RM 125cc Class B                                        Gozo

Zammit Mario                    KTM 125cc Class B                                       Rabat

Zahra Eddie                        RM 125cc Class A                                          Rabat

Zahra Mario                        KTM 125cc Class A                                       Rabat

Zahra  Paul                         KTM 125cc Class A                                        Rabat


Sorry for the poor  picture presentation But these are the only pictures we have. (news paper cuttings).



First photos of Motocross races at the track before the boundary wall was built.



This are two brothers Robert Debono and Louis Debono and who always used to participate during our Motocross Races.



This is a start during one of the races in 1988


These are two of our ex riders Mario Zahra and Charlie Camilleri (zoqdi)


These are more of our EX riders in action.


This is one of our all time champion in Motocross Richard Mizzi



These are a few photos of our riders.

The Young starter checking the riders and starting gate in the photo above, now is our club's secretary. (Mr. Johann Pace)



These are some foreign riders who participated in our Motocross championship.


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