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ASM Racing Circuits ta' Qali


ASM Racing Circuits




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 This is an aerial picture of the tracks at ta' Qali.



This was the first logo sticker we had of the club.



This was the first drawing of the club's official logo

(A.S.M.  stands for  Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi)

General Information: 

Some of you  have already heard of our association, but for all those many others who haven't, this is just an introductory note in order to make our organization better known with all motorcycling and car enthusiasts.

It was 10.00 am on the 14th April 1985 at St Agatha Youth centre in Rabat, our association was first formed by Mr. Noel Farrugia. Needless to say setting up the club was not a easy task, but he and others found help along and successfully managed to pass trough infancy stage by newly set up organization.

Many thanks have to go primarily to the Maltese government of that time, who helped in No small way to make our aim materialize, by putting at our disposal the land at ta' Qali, where the events are still held and the club house at Belt il-Gmiel in Mtarfa.Malta.

We must not forget also all the Motocross enthusiasts in Malta who willingly enrolled in the organization and numerously participated in all the events which were held by the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi (ASM). It is with great pleasure, that due to our  organization the Motor sports on our Island has become increasingly more popular .

This is clearly seen from the membership the club now enjoys and also from the mount of spectators we have during  our events.

We knew that gaining success will not be that difficult when we initially started, but we are confident of a promising road ahead of us. at last but not least, what we always say, weather of the sake of enjoyment, sports or everyday use, always drive with SAFETY.

REMEMBER: sports can give you great satisfaction, ................. why not join our CLUB.



Postal address
ASM Club House Triq il-Kampnar ta' l-Arlogg, Mtarfa RBT10 Malta
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